I work collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary network in rendering holistic patient care at all times, providing a support structure for all my patients, through education and follow up which will result in a proactive approach to deliver patient care in the locality. 

If the patient’s wound bed is not carefully prepared and treated, it can cause dire effects. For many patients, having a wound can be very traumatic. Therefore it is necessary to provide the optimal environment for holistic wound healing, which incorporates the international acclaimed Wound Bed Preparation Guideline to ensure an integrated and co-ordinated service founded on current scientific evidence. 


Advanced Wound


Sr. Chrystal-Renee Krügel
  • Post-operative wounds / surgical wounds 

  • Suture/ Clip removal 

  • Infected or complicated wounds 

  • Chronic wounds: 

    • Diabetic ulcers 

    • Pressure ulcers 

    • Lower leg ulcers 

  • Burn wounds 

  • Negative Pressure Wound Care